Corporations, governments, non-profit organizations and associations are constantly faced with challenges and opportunities that require the collection and analysis of data to make sound business decisions. CANmanagement meets these needs by making available the services of experienced evaluators, researchers and analysts. CANmanagement takes pride in delivering our services on time and within budget.

Program monitoring and evaluating program performance

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation involves the systematic collection of information to make decisions on programs and services. It typically involves the gathering of information about a program in order to find out: whether a program is meeting its objectives; what parts of the program are working or not working and why; what improvements to the program are needed; what difference the program is making; and what the cost effectiveness of the program is. The CANmanagement team has the experience necessary to guide organizations in answering these questions and making improvements where necessary. Program evaluation services offered include the following:

Additional Program Monitoring Services

In addition to formal program evaluations, CANmanagement provides you with: