Rudy Ambtman, Ph.D.

Rudy Ambtman

Rudy has held senior management positions in health, family services, addictions, and education. He worked for three provincial governments, a school board, and several not-for-profit organizations. As a member of various boards and advisory committees, he has also seen management from that perspective. Having been a volunteer team leader for a major accreditation body has given him a unique perspective on the operation of many diverse programs and organizations.

With a doctorate in clinical and community psychology, Rudy is well trained to shepherd the most difficult projects through to completion. For example Rudy was the lead in the successful establishment of a group home for emotionally disturbed adolescents in the community. He led a number of politically sensitive evaluations and committees.

Rudy was the Manitoba fencing champion (epee) several years running and continues to be active in the sport.

Some of Rudy�s reports and publications:

  • Quinsey, V.L., Ambtman, R., and Pruesse, M. (1977). Institutional release policy and the identification of dangerous men. Proceedings of the Symposium on Violence in Canadian Society, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Quinsey, V.L., and Ambtman, R. Psychiatric assessments of the dangerousness of mentally ill patients. Crime and Justice, 6, 249-257.
  • Quinsey. V.L., and Ambtman, R. (1979). Variables affecting psychiatrists' and teachers' assessments of the dangerousness of mentally ill offenders. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 47, 353-362.
  • Ambtman, R., and Chubaty, D. (1989). Focus: Manitoba's Impaired Drivers Program. Impact, 1 (1), 5.
  • Ambtman, R., Madak, P. Koss, D. and Strople, M.J. (1990). Evaluation of a comprehensive elementary school curriculum-based drug education program. Journal of Drug Education, 20, 199-225.
  • Ambtman, R., Hartry, R., Hudson, S., and MacKay-Chiddenton, D.(submitted for publication). Promoting System-Wide Cultural Competence for Serving Aboriginal Families and Children in a Mid-sized Canadian City.
  • Ambtman, R. (1989). Evaluation of an Alcohol and Drug Use Screening Device for DWI Offenders: Reliability and Validity Aspects of the SALCE. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: Alcoholism Foundation of Manitoba (44 pp.).
  • Ambtman, R. (1990). Evaluation of the Manitoba Impaired Drivers Program. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: Alcoholism Foundation of Manitoba (220 pp.).
  • Human Resources Working Group (1992). Human Resource Considerations in Manitoba's Mental Health System (Ambtman, R., Chair).
  • Report of the Working Group on Proposing a School Psychology Training Program and Certification Guidelines (June 2002, Ambtman, R., Chair).
  • Ambtman, R. & Ali, R. (2009). Healthy Lifestyles for Newcomers in Manitoba: Needs Assessment for Healthy Living. A report for Healthy Living Manitoba and Health Canada.

Ray Ali, M.A.

Ray Ali

Ray has a background in counselling, specializing in relationships, communication, and anger management. He regularly teaches advanced education courses, has given numerous workshops, and is the author of several books. Ray is a member of various volunteer boards.

Ray is our Senior Associate and lead for interviewing, focus groups, critical incident stress debriefing, cultural competence, communication, and board and staff training.

A sample of Ray�s writings can be found at http://www.angersolutionresources.com

Erick Ambtman, M.Sc.

Eric Ambtman

Erick has been with CANmanagment as an Associate since our inception. He has a distinguished academic career, having earned an M.Sc. in Local Economic Development from the London School of Economics. This achievement is complimented by experience as an Executive Director and Board member in the not for profit sector, and as a Strategic Planner (Policy Development) with a major city. He also worked abroad for a Canadian organization that provides support in the developing world.

Erick provides a wealth of expertise in program and strategic planning. Specifically, he works with various stakeholders to develop innovative solutions.

He is also CANmanagement�s Alberta representative.