Corporations, governments, non-profit organizations and associations are constantly faced with challenges and opportunities that require the collection and analysis of data to make sound business decisions. CANmanagement meets these needs by making available the services of experienced evaluators, researchers and analysts. CANmanagement takes pride in delivering our services on time and within budget.

Management Support

Policy and Procedure Manual Development

Having a comprehensive set of policies and procedures is essential for running any organization. CANmanagement will assist you with: Click here for more on policies and procedures

Crisis Management

Crises vary greatly, but could include the death of a key staff member or being in the media spotlight in a negative way. When an organization finds itself in a crisis, staff and board members are often too close to the action to be able to keep the organization operating and manage the crisis at the same time. We offer: Click here for more on crises

Staff Satisfaction Assessments and Professional Development

High job satisfaction and cutting edge skills are signs of a well functioning staff. CAN offers you: Click here for more information on staff

Cultural Competence Assessment and Training

In our increasingly multicultural society, service organizations and government departments are expected to develop cultural competency in delivering programs to diverse ethnic, racial, and cultural groups. For organizations that take this seriously, it is an ongoing journey. Specializing in Aboriginal (First Nations, Metis, and Inuit) and newcomer communities, CAN offers you: Click here for more information on cultural competence

Strategic Planning

If you don�t have a plan, how do you know you have accomplished your goals when you get there? Moreover, did you get there in the most efficient and cost-effective way? Strategic planning helps management and boards determine where they want the organization to be three, five, or ten years hence. It sets out the major goals for the organization and lays out the interim steps. In addition, strategic planning exercises are important vehicles for buy-in of the stakeholders of the organization. It keeps your organization focused and competitive. We can help through: Click here for suggestions on strategic planning